A letter to True

Where im i supposed to take all these memories
You tought me how to fly When i reached up high you left me alone
Now im drifting sharply down Just anticipating the rock bottom fall awaiting
I had an option of saying i loved you once And it has been so amaizing
Now im watching you walk away
But then its better than loving you Which hurts the worst
You are the true love i never had
I said im scared to utter the words
But then you said admit, i feel the same way
Now you are gone for the last few times
I should’ve not reached out, to those words deep my flamy heart
There has been no benefit in this doubty love
I’d ask you to say you won’t let go!
But you already have I am insanely in love with you
I hope you do know
Letting you go is way better than loving you
Again loving you despite the pain is way better than letting go.
But then your ego feasts on my pain
Please don’t burry us i got ya!


I can’t deny,i do ask much
‘Please stay’
‘A little while longer’
It’s crazy you never mind,
when i need a little comforting from you
You give it up, you give it all
When i need a smile as a muse, you give.
When i need a guy to kiss, gut-damnit, you always here
But what does my-selfish-self offer
I urge you to wait
                      for me to let him go
          for him to let me let him go
to feel it right letting go but damn it he’s still here.
I know its getting weary,waiting
And thats my biggest fear
Cause i know you are trying really hard to get over me
Well i hope it doesnt work cause
                        I couldn’t breath
                  I couldn’t see through these tears
             I couldn’t resent you
        I couldn’t pretent to not know you
However you are so high to get
It gets me thinking was your ‘I Love You Too’ even true
Oh! i really try to reach you but, you keep going up,
That pushes me  down.
So say you are gonna wait, and i swear im gonna make you happy.

I love you two

We had a future together,
Then you came by,so full of love none could resist
Although he was far and these lonely walls changed the way i felt for him,nothing made sense cause he wasn’t here.
I had a choice to chase him
But i chose you and now I’m running from myself scared to face it.
I lost myself,i lost it all, when i loved you two.
I just wanted to be an escape
Now i can’t get you off my head
Ain’t sure how i feel about all these feelings you’ve been giving.
It feels in my bones like i can’t live without you.
I want both of y”all to stay
I want you to stay
Honestly One of you gotta go
But you my love, whenever you are ready
I don’t belong to neither of you
Cause i dont deserve either of

I can’t make both of y’all crazy for me
Cause i know at some point my love is in vain for either of y